Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

I’m going to make a bold statement, but I don’t think you can hold Jesus and fear at the same time.

Let me say that yes, there are times, even with Jesus, where we are going to be afraid, nervous, or anxious. He said life is going to be hard, and Jesus doesn’t exempt us from pain. We’re going to have all kinds of emotions in life, and those are often valid. But— I’d argue that if we truly know who Jesus is and what he can do, then it’s impossible to have a deep-seated fear.

Recently, my family faced a tragedy. Constantly, people told me, “You’re strong, Mary. You’re so strong I don’t know how you do it.” But the truth is they are all wrong. Because I’ve learned through past struggles who Jesus is, I realized how irrational it is to choose fear when I can choose him instead. In fact, I’m so weak I literally cannot do anything else, but have faith in the Author of Reality. I’m not strong by choosing joy instead of fear, in fact I’m weak and have to surrender my fear to him.

So why would I suggest its “irrational” to operate out of fear when we know Jesus?

God has absolute power.

He hung the stars and formed the world with a simple breath, demons surrender to his name, and all his prophesies prove true because he speaks reality into existence. This conversation might be for another time- but, if you’re questioning if God’s power is really true, go see for yourself. Ask for miracles. Not just one, but make it a lifestyle. Research Jesus and Bible in history. Ask him to show you how real he really is.

We know that God has an absolute love for us.

He loves so hard he chose to live on this crazy earth and die in it too. His spirit and presence constantly comes around us when we cry out for him. If you’re questioning if God loves us, call on his name and praise him in the middle of your next hard time. I promise he will show you his peace first hand.

So, if God is powerful enough to do anything, and God has his best intentions in mind for us because he loves us, then what is there to be afraid of?

The next time you are in fear, actual fear, take a moment to realize that God is in control. THANK GOD. We often get stressed when we lose our mirage of control in our life or the lives of others, but you do you really want to be in control anyway? I know I don’t. God is the most equipped to take care of our deepest loved ones, dreams, business plans, finances, health, future, existence after death, and pain. That doesn’t mean it's easy, but it does take a significant burden of fear from us.

Ironically, I know a lot of Christians who are choose to operate out of fear and refuse to accept the gift of freedom he has given us.

It makes me so sad to know people who:

  • Believe in biblical stories of God’s power, but live in fear.
  • Preach the Gospel, but quiver when they hear bad new.
  • Pray daily, but hold onto the mirage that life is better if they are in control.
  • Have seen miracles, but tremble when something goes a way other than what they expected.

If you’re reading this and feel fear in your life, I’m praying for your freedom. I pray that you realize how weak you are when stacked up next to the king of kings, but that his power and love give you peace. Finally, I pray you have the boldness to reach out to him for that freedom.

Jesus is here. His peace is here. Let's take a hold of that gift that is already on the table.