Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

Vision & Values

We are a community that develops tomorrow's kingdom pioneers.

We are a tribe that is forming, part of an ecosystem that is always in the process of being created. We raise up high-impact entrepreneurs who follow the call of God to bring the kingdom to earth. They start enterprises that meet needs and address the world’s greatest problems.

Kingdom entrepreneurs start organizations that become the primary delivery mechanism for God’s will on the planet. Groups of people working together do more than individuals. It’s churches, businesses and nonprofits that innovate and change the world. And it’s entrepreneurs who spark the innovation. Everything becomes stale and inflexible over time. Entrepreneurs re-imagine how to address the world’s brokenness and meet its needs.

Global U engages in the high leverage work of raising up kingdom entrepreneurs.

  1. Calling: We challenge students to their divine calling, God-given gifts, and deepest passions. God has called them to impact the world, but how? We give them time for reflection coupled with mentorship and counseling.
  2. Activation: Next, we equip students with the skills they need to make this dream a reality. We challenge them to define their path to mastery and then we coach them to walk on this path.
  3. Mastery: As students clarify what God is calling them to, we help them to set goals through an intensive coaching and mentorship process. We connect students to networks and opportunities for real life success. Students learn to think for themselves, challenging their ideas, connecting them to the real world.

In 10 years Global U stakeholders will be planting the kingdom in 50 countries around the world. Mentors of all generations will be activating young entrepreneurs to tackle the world’s hardest problems. The hardest problems usually require the fresh perspective that entrepreneurs bring.

Our values of Lordship, initiative, courage, coaching, improvement and paying it forward are subsumed in the value of Lordship. If we make Christ our Lord, then everything flows from that. We attain Lordship through a process of discipleship on a journey toward unity in Christ.

We find our a priori principles in Scripture:

  • 2 Timothy 2:2 The principle of discipleship - we follow others and we lead others to awaken to their identity and role in the kingdom.
  • Matthew 10: The principle of journey - we discover the greatness of Christ in us through the process of abandon and dependence.
  • John 17: The principle of unity - in Christ and with his body.

Our People

Three categories:

  • Young Pioneers
  • Mentors
  • Established entrepreneurs with kingdom enterprises

Young people are looking for five things:

  • Purpose
  • Education
  • Guidance
  • Opportunity
  • Community

Mentors - Seek the same five things, but frame education as lifelong learning.

Established entrepreneurs - Are looking for Purpose, Talent and Partnership.

Global U is no longer a school offering education. We are a community that identifies the greatest problems in the world and connects God's people to them in order to establish the kingdom. We are a high-leverage piece of a growing ecosystem.

Their Stories

How does this work? Some examples:

Lexi Grisanti

Lexi wanted to help impoverished women in developing countries. She thought that microcredit might be the way to do so. She dreamed of possible ways to start. Enrolling in Global U, we began her education on a two week hike on the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. We introduced her to mentors who talked to her and gave her the coaching and guidance she sought.  By allowing her the space to reflect on her divine calling and her purpose in the world. Our mentors encouraged her to reflect on her gifts, past, and  passions to create a solution to poverty in developing nations

Her mentors challenged her to start a business that would create opportunity for her to give work paying fair wages to women in Thailand and Nicaragua. Lexi started Sol&Co, a company founded to source ethical, sustainable clothing. At Global U, she found a community of young entrepreneurs like herself who continue to stay in relationship with her even as she moved back to L.A. after graduating. Now, Lexi is finding purpose in growing Sol&Co, employing more people and expanding her business.

Nathan Bird

Nathan developed a relationship with Global U mentor, Bobby John, who gave him the guidance he sought. Nathan received an education far superior to what he could get in college. He further grew in his coding skills through the mentorship of Josh Owen. He formed deep friendships and community in Global U. When the Covid virus hit, Global U challenged its students to see the world's problems as opportunity. Nathan developed the Global Passion Project. Mr. John also saw opportunity and developed a virtual waiting room app for doctors and dentists called OneMD. After graduating Global U, Nathan began working with OneMD doing programming. OneMD is already successful, having just raised a seed round of $1 million. The work is hard as all startups are, but Nathan has found purpose.

Kelson Mudd

Kelson came to GU as an initiator and diligent student who wanted to create a better world. GU turned him into a leader and gave him the guidance and resources to do so. GU equips students with the practical skills they need to change the world. GU mentors taught Kelson the fundamentals of computer science. This gave him the opportunity to start his new business, Klink. Now Kelson is going into data security. He is also finding purpose and community helping develop the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program.

The Global U product

At Global U we put shoe leather on passion.

The world is full of so many opportunities! The GU experience equips young people to take a deep dive into the world's hardest problems and to uncover the opportunity that each contains. When students join GU, we help them identify those problems that move their hearts and to see them as opportunities.

Elements of the GU product:

  • A 3-month to 3-year experience for kingdom startup people
  • A global journey
  • Holistic discipleship by a team of coaches and mentors
  • The opportunity to make a difference in planting the kingdom
  • Connections to apprenticeships opportunities
  • Introductions to a global kingdom network

Why entrepreneurship?

Our stakeholders solve the world’s biggest problems through kingdom entrepreneurship.

We teach entrepreneurship because we believe that if we as disciples of Jesus Christ are going to bring the Kingdom of God to this world, we must learn how to change the world around us. Entrepreneurship is one of the best teachers of this skill. Entrepreneurship also give students the confidence that they can indeed provide value to the world, and may live off of the value they create, defeating the poverty mentality so ingrained in the missional community. The way in which we learn how to change the world, is by indeed practicing the skill of changing the world. Global U takes a real-world, trial and error, approach to learning the skill of entrepreneurship. We do throw students into deep water, sink or swim style, but we provide them with the coaching and wisdom necessary for them to learn instead of being scarred by their mistakes.

Our long-term commitment

We commit to discipling pioneers so that they can build a movement in this world. We commit to  keeping the alumni and mentors moving in the same direction over a 10-year period as it is essential to the success of the Global U vision. In 10 years we hope to see pockets of entrepreneurs in 50 countries around the world.