Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

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Joshua: Hello everybody. My name is Joshua

Cassie: I'm Cassie Solis

Joshua: And as you know, we are doing interviews with our students to tell the story of Global U through your eyes. And it's awesome. So we’ve got Luca and we've got Cassie. Cassie, thank you for doing this with us.

Cassie: Yeah, excited to be here.

Joshua: You don't know, if you don't watch the other video, we're going to be telling the story of Global U through the eyes of our actual students.

They're going to be as raw as possible. This one, you're not the bear with me. I am interviewing her. Uh, but going forward, they're going to be running the show. So you'll get like the actual raw first-person perspective of what it's like to be a Global U student and go on this crazy journey that you signed up for, who knows why.

Cassie: Right.

Joshua: But that's what we're gonna dig into today. Why? So for you kind of, my first question is like, why Global U, like, what is Global U to you in your own words? Like, how would you describe it?

Cassie: Hmm, I would say, yeah, I think the first thought when I heard about Global U was this hybrid, um, because I had previously been in a pretty much purely missions organization and that was great.

Like they had such a heart for missions, but there was this other part of me that was very eager to work with my hands and challenge my mind and that part of me just wasn't quite being fulfilled. Um, and when I first heard about Global U and saw the vision for it, so where like the organization and the school was going and had the potential to go, um, and their heart for the students, I, I was like, Oh, this is, this is it.

This is the hybrid for someone that like me, that doesn't really necessarily fit into. The mold of the places they've been in previously.

Joshua: Yeah, definitely. And this is actually a pretty interesting comparing you to say Luca, not that we're getting to comparison, but you came from the world of missions.

Luca kind of came from the world of like engineering. Um, but y'all are peers here and we're going on the same journey in the same direction. I was like, okay. How does that even match up? So talk to you about your experience a little bit, cause you know, a little bit similar as an engineering. First I went into missions, I think came back into this hybrid approach for you.

Like. You know, the pure mission world and we love it. Right. We love pastoral mission, but people who are wired like us maybe, and I don't want to put words in your mouth, it's hard to find our place in that world. So like, why did you want to go into more of like a builder space, more of a technical space with your mission work?

Cassie: Yeah. So, um, after I left this missions organization, as a student, I was a student with them, I was home for a year and really took this year to dive into like what God had put inside of me, skillsets, passion, dreams, or lack thereof. Um, and I just really wanted to figure out, okay, where is my life going?

Because I have this huge heart for missions now know that I'm called to it in some form or fashion fashion, just not in the traditional sense that I've been exposed to. Um, so where like, what am I supposed to do with these pieces that keep coming up, um, that kind of speak to me the more cerebral side of me or the desire to learn a hard skill to then apply.

So that way I don't have to live off of support because I really didn't feel called to live off of support. So yeah. I want it to be available with my resources, my time, my finances, and nothing that I had seen so far just fit that or could cultivate that. Um, um, and there were other parts of me like storytelling and, um, the desire to learn a new language.

When I was exposed to coding, I was like, oh, this is like learning a new language. Don't judge me. I love math. I love algebra. I love pre-cal. And did that kind of like coding actually spoke to those parts of me and made sense. And so when I realized that Global U actually also spoke to those parts of me, um, I was ecstatic.

Oh my gosh. Like there is a place where these pieces make sense. Like I'm not, I'm not crazy. I'm not, this isn't a one like coincidental thing that I'm supposed to shut down for the sake of practicality or for the sake of fitting into the mold or the model that was set up before me.

Joshua: Well, it's interesting too.

So we kind of get it this place where, and it sounds like, you know, call to missions and then you went on missions. Okay. We've got all these skillsets the Lord gave me in the first place, right? Yeah. He's somewhere. And I'm assuming there's like some dream that the Lord has given you that you want to see into completion, or you want to find that dream, like let's rewind the clock a little bit.

Like, who are you Cassie? And like, why did God make you and why are you going on this journey? Which is a pretty crazy journey, to be honest, What, what do you want to see come into the world?

Cassie: Ooh. Um, so the desire, it's so hard to articulate this desire, but from a very, very, very young age, I knew that I wanted to be part of something so much bigger than myself. Um, it took up a lot of my mind space to get my dreams like daydreaming. And when I was asleep, um, I would dream of being part of something bigger, you know, watching those movies where people are part of like this movement that got me going.

Um, when I was younger, I didn't have the context of like Jesus and God and to like fit those pieces together. And so as I got older and was able to do that, um, I really, really more than anything, want to see the kingdom of heaven unfold on earth and. I'm here in Global U because I want to find out my role in that.

And to me, like a lot of the principles that are taught in Global U through all of the spheres, like entrepreneurship, um, the spiritual development, the growth coaching, like I just lost my train of thought. Um, Oh, those are, I feel like that's super applicable to unfolding the kingdom of God on earth, you know, and actually this is kind of strange and I am I'm still trying to figure out how this fits in, but one way, like one dream that I have that I actually think Global U will really help me foster and figure out is diplomacy and like applying entrepreneurship principles and, and the mindset.

I feel like the mindset change is super important, but to diplomacy and to changing the world and bring the kingdom of God through diplomacy and meeting the needs of the people wherever I'm at, like in front of me speaking to them and what they actually need.

Joshua: Let's let's unpack that a little bit.

Right? So like, well, let's see. What do you define that word for yourself through that? And kind of what you're, what you're hoping to see come out of it. Right. And that's not the beauty of it, right? Where we're going on this journey. We don't have all the answers is why we're going on a journey. Um, a lot of times the Lord doesn't give us an answer.

He just asks us to like follow him with faith and we need to unpack that over the next nine months. So this will be like a continual journey. We don't have to have all the answers, but for you, like, if you're going to put some words to that and more define it, how would you do that?

Cassie: So diplomacy to me, it's funny.

I've always, I said this and never really understood it. Okay. Well, I said I hate politics, but I love diplomacy. And I think diplomacy brings in this relationship aspect that is lacking in like the stigma of politics. So to me, diplomacy is this connection, this relationship between countries, people, groups, cultures, languages.

Um, and really speaks into building up that relationship. And to me, that's like, that's so for the kingdom, you know, like the kingdom is one it's unified, it's supposed to be unified, you know, there's this solidarity, this unity, um, that we see in the Bible that we see in the stories when we read those and to me, like what, I don't know, my question is like, why wouldn't we be living, living that out for the kingdom today? Like, why should today look any different than it did back then, except with technological advancements?

Joshua: That's amazing. Well, guys, I just want to, I mean, this is what we're going to be doing when we do this every other week, we're going to see your story unfold.

We'll see some of the other students' stories unfold through your own eyes. As we try to seek that out, right. We all get a, I believe like we believe at Global U, like everybody's going to have a calling. Everybody's going to have a purpose. Like he didn't have to make us, but he did. So why do you do it? And that's kind of a lot of what our network is about is one, like, what does the Lord called you to do?

Was it, what is it he wanted to do in the world that we can partner with and why did he create you? And then how do we see this thing come to life? We bring in mentors, how do we bring in peers? How do we bring in network to help get that dream into reality? So who knows if it'll happen? I'm sure it will. We kind of.

Hopefully that's how the story plays out, but there is intention. Like there is a lot of risk for failure here. Um, you're, you're taking a risk. Every student here is taking a risk where we're going to actually try to do the thing. Um, and we'd like to invite you along in that process. So I think you guys, and we'll see you in two weeks.