Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

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Joshua: Hi, my name is Joshua Owen.

Luca: My name is Luca Williams.

Joshua: And we are with Global U and this year we're going to take you on what I think is gonna be really exciting journey as we walk alongside you and kind of the story that you're going to embark on that she had for the next 9 months. So today we want to introduce you to Luca and flip is going to be with you guys um, probably biweekly as we're kind of telling the story of Global U. And today we just want to introduce you, kind of your background, why came on Global U and what you're hoping to get out of it.

Luca: All right. Sounds good.

Joshua: Yeah. Awesome. So very first question. Um, just not everybody might even be aware of what Global U is. So for you in your own words, like why Global U, what is Global U to you?

Luca: Yeah. Um, so what will you to me is just this program that is meant to grow, to grow you as a person. In. Every aspect of who you are. Um, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, just, it just is all around grows every part of you. No other school or organization I’ve seen does that.

Joshua: Yeah. It is interesting because we kind of pitch it, you know? In our final interview, you were in Thailand when I did your final interview or I was in Thailand when I did your final interview. We were in Chiang Mai and what we kind of do in this final interviews and actually pitch it to people like, okay, if you want to change the world, which is what we're about, it’s going to be this 10-year journey and Global U is only nine months into that 10-year journey. But we kind of set it up like that, right. Where it's like, okay, this is going to be one of the hardest things you can do if you're trying to do missions and you're trying to do to entrepreneurship, like either one of those on its own is really hard, but doing it together, it takes a special type of person and you're a special type of person because you're here and you made it through the interview process. So bring me through that. Like when we're having that conversation and you're applying, but why are you applying? Why was this, why was it something in your life that you wanted to go pursue?

Luca: Yeah. Um, when I signed up for Global U um, it's a long story. But, um, I was in a space where I had this belief that I wanted to grow and I wanted to create something. Uh, I want to change the world in some way. And I did not have any of the tools to do it. I didn't have the setting. Uh, just the environment I was in was not conducive to that. At all until I saw Global U as a amazing opportunity to do that. You know, here here's toolsets. We're going to build these tools for you. Uh, I'm going to have you go drone tools and you'll build something else tomorrow.

Joshua: Absolutely. And you've got, you actually had a background, right? So we teach entrepreneurship, we teach computer programming, but you had a background in robotics. Tell me about that background.

Luca: Um, so when I was in high school, I did, um, this thing called FRC, um, First Robotics Competition. And that was a high school level competition. And you had six weeks to build a robot and that's just where I learned a bunch of the skills I have now. Mechanical assembly. Uh, it's honoring and computer programming. You know, electronics, that kind of stuff.

Um, and we worked in this team for six weeks. Uh, every year annually in the big game change. And we actually had one year – my junior or sophomore year where we actually made a robot that was so good at broke the robot that NASA built.

Joshua: What a deal.

Luca: I don't condone, breaking other people's things, but yeah, I was very proud of that.

Joshua: Yeah, you break NASA’s robot, you're pretty good at what you do. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, it's interesting. So, you know, you have that background, so you have a background in robotics. You know, we've talked about computer science a little bit and we're going into entrepreneurship as well, but there is this interesting facet to Global U where it's like, okay, how do I like. Why are we doing mission work? Why would we program it and hurting entrepreneurship as a step tied together? So on the spiritual side of this, and then you've got an interesting story. Like, was that a part of your decision of why you want to go to Global U and why? Like, why did the spiritual, like knowing who Jesus is, why was that part of, kind of the draw?

Luca: Yeah. Um, actually the story is that, um, I was talking to my sister. Like a lot of things happen in my life where I did not want to, um, I didn't want to interact with Christ, the church, anything having to do it that I didn't realize there was this concept of, you know, being of having a relationship with God. I always thought it was, you know, angry man on, in the clouds waiting to crush you if you sin. And I remember I saw this, I just saw so much pain in the world and in my own personal life. In my family, that I was like, there's no way that a good God would ever allow this. And so I just, when I was about 16, 17, I just like crammed that into box, shove it in the back corner of my mind. I was like address that later. Um, and so I did have to address that.

Um, it was also part of like who I was, it's kind of tied into like, a lot of my backstory, a lot of pain that I've had personally in my life. Um, of just like, surviving instead of living. And they got to a point where I was like, I don't want to survive anymore. Making a living and being alive is not enough. I want to feel alive. And so. Uh, I remember I like never looked at my story or like who I was to like, like anyone and, um, and I did one day. I told my entire family. Who I was as a person. Each was an individual that is that all of my siblings down.

I remember when I was doing that with my sister, Lexi, I told her, you know, all my stuff, all my story. She was like, I felt like a lot the same pain. And we just start talking about this. Random small talk and she brought up, uh, her housemates. Who were actually involved with G42 which is very close to Global U. And, um, And she was like, Oh, Global U sounds like it was built for. Like, you know, you got this idea, you've got innovation, you got like skillset. Like you don't have anywhere to sharpen. And, um, she just, she also was very aware that I was not into the idea of Christianity or Christ, thinking them all with any kind of church whatsoever.

So she invited me over for dinner and I was like, alright, cool. Free food. And, uh, and I kinda just did just satisfy her. I'll do it. Um, and so they sat me down, uh, Brit and Major. They sat me down and they told me a lot about like what Global U is. You know what itstands for. How, why it was made. Um, and I was like, Cool. I showed up for the free food. Um, but over the next six months, Kind of like ran in the back of my mind. It didn't feel like my own idea of being pushed into my brain. It felt more like someone to be like, Hey, Global U might be a good idea and it just slowly became a lot louder. And I didn't realize it at the time that it was God's voice telling me. Yeah. This might be like this, is an opportunity you want to invest in, this is something you want to do. Um, and I remember I made this deal with God. I was like, alright, fine. I will apply to Global U and if I get in, I will go. And if I go, I commit to it, then I will try to learn who you are.

And so that, that opportunity really just. – me losing that bet was probably one of the best things that has happened in my life. So, um, and obviously I'm here, so obviously, you know how that turned out. Um, but yeah, that's kind of how, like what drew me to Global U in the spiritual aspect of like, you know, Um, because we have this community here at Global U like, It's not just about, you know, memorizing the scripture. It's about like your relationship with God. It’s about your relationship with the people around you.

It's not about, you know, every, like, people coming in and being like, oh I’m holier than thou. It's like, no, we're all human. We're all gonna absolutely screw up. We're all going to make horrible mistakes. We all have our own path. But we celebrate vulnerability and growth. And I love that about this community.

Joshua: Yeah, that's pretty interesting. And that's, you know, honestly, guys, is one of those we want to invite you into this year. And one of the reasons we're doing that, it's just to introduce this community to you. And then we've got a unique culture. Um, and we got unique kind of abnormal tribe going on here. We're all different. We've all got different skillsets. We all come from different backgrounds. Um, there's a few things in common. Like we love the Lord. We want to know who he is, but I want to know that the Bible is real. But we also want to do something in the world right But we've got this weird skill set, what we're builders um that don't necessarily fit into like traditional missions I'm just kind of a place for that and you know for you guys and we just want to invite you in introduce you to the mentors and introduce you to our community and to our alumni and people are pouring into our lives, um, and show you what it's like to kind of go on this journey.

Thanks, you guys, for tuning in we'll be doing this every two weeks and Luca will be leading the next one bringing in more people talking about the last two weeks.

So see you guys next time.