Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs


A flashy buzzword.

It’s hip and exciting.

Everyone wants to do it these days.

I think the statistic is 80%. 80% of teens dream to be their own boss.

But very few take the leap.

Why is that the case? Probably because there's a lot of buzz behind the buzzword. So, let's reflect on its significance.

To be an entrepreneur means—

To be a self starter.

To create opportunities.

To take on extra challenge because you are responsible for creating place for people in your community to thrive and learn.

To make people better than themselves, or more so, better that yourself.

To take responsibility. Always.

To have a no-excuse attitude because you wont make it without one.

To clean up mistakes because whether or not it’s your fault.

To work hard.

To stand back at the end of the day/month/season and know with your whole heart that you gave it everything you had.

To be humbled. Naturally, because you put yourself in places where your mistakes cannot hide under a rug.

To be adaptable to the unexpected. You know it will always come.

To have a fighting spirit.

To push yourself and your team.

To put in the extra hours.

To take risks because doing something great always involved a risk.

To believe there is more out there.

To take care of your people, employees, customers, and community.

To go first.

Do lead by example because other's won't get onboard if you won't do it yourself.

To make the sacrifice.

To stand out, even when it hurts.

To push the boundaries of what is possible.

To go after what others say is impossible.

What is your favorite quality of an entrepreneur? Share below!