Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

In late 2019, COVID-19 struck the world by storm. In the span of a few days, everyone from small businesses to the largest corporations have been forced to pivot their core operations to be able to continue functioning amidst this crisis. The unknown variables that inevitably come with global pandemic can be a time of unimaginable hardship and loss, but from this can also spur wild creativity and ingenuitive solutions to complex challenges permeating the world. Through it all, God continues to work endlessly and has equipped His people with the necessary skills and vision to make a difference in the world - even when it can seem difficult and hopeless. Oftentimes, out of tragedy comes the world’s most beautiful solutions.

Nearing the seventh month on the inaugural class of Global U’s program, students were hit by the reality that the rest of their journey may look vastly different than they had expected. Many students were preparing to launch the projects they had been working on for the better part of a year when suddenly they were forced into a whirlwind of halted plans and projects. For the Global U class, this meant relocating from their original plans to stay and launch in Guatemala to a base in North Georgia and reimagining ways they could benefit the new community they lived in.

The current situation the world faces is chaotic and tumultuous at best, and many of us are unsure how to face the growing list of problems people are facing. Right now, there is a huge problem of mask shortages for essential employees who deal closely with the public every day. People are losing their jobs every day because they cannot be protected to keep working. These people fight to keep our world running as smoothly as possible - we couldn’t do life as we know it without them! Yet somehow, they are not as protected as they should be. Materials are scarce and it can take time to distribute goods from high up on the chain of resources to local communities.

The heartbeat of Global U is working together as partners in Christ to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Entrepreneurs are created out of the skill of adaptability and the courage to be open-minded and envision solutions that aid people. They see challenges and boldly move toward action to provide opportunity when there seems to be none. As Christian entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that we live in a world that is constantly shifting and we are propelled by love to answer the call to respond to the needs around us.

A few students here at Global U have seen the shortage of masks and its effects and have taken the initiative to create a mask-making organization that fills this immediate need in the world. The Global U Mask Operation strives to fill a need in North Georgia for front line store employees and emergency service workers who may not have priority access to masks, but have essential roles to play in interacting with the public. The students at Global U are reaching out to serve and love those around us by creating and distributing these cloth masks in local communities to keep these people as safe as possible. Not only can we provide masks to protect people, but we can also employ workers to create them!

1 Corinthians 12:20 states, "As it is, there are many parts, but one body."

Just as God has called us to be members of His kingdom, He has also called us to be members of one another - working in love and walking in the guidance of the Lord. We all take care of one another under His name! We can all work together as one whole body of Christ to unify our community and do some social good!

If you are interested in supporting our mission, there are a few ways you can help us serve those around us. If you are a native to the North Georgia area and can donate materials, we have to contact-free drop-off locations at the following addresses:

Adventures in Missions Annex House

5375 Clarks Bridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30506

Because Coffee

240 Dawson Village Way N #100, Dawsonville, GA 30534

Chastain Janitorial

1630 M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Gainesville, GA 30501

Another way to help is to spread this word to your family and friends! If you know a company or organization in need of masks, feel free to reach out and let us know! The more people we can provide masks for, the more protected our world can be.

Most importantly, lift us up in prayer. Without God leading us all through this, we would not be able to help the community and show His love through this service.

For more information on how to get involved, visit our website here at

Stay safe!