Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

You know that revolutionary thought— the one that won’t leave your mind? It’s the image you have of the world being a fraction better than it is right now. No matter how hard you try to push the idea away, somehow, it always comes back. And every time you imagine how great of a calling that would be, it also comes with doubts of how difficult and unlikely it would be to actually do something about it.

In fact, you’ve probably encouraged others to chase their revolutionary idea, but for some reason you can’t convince yourself that you should do the same.

That was me too— FOR YEARS.

The box that held my dream had been closed for years when I came across Global U. I had given up. In fact, I was convinced that the desires of my heart were bad for me and that I shouldn’t pursue them. During my application process, I scrolled through the Global U website. It listed off dozens of skills that I’d learn over the year, and inevitably my dream resurfaced.

Could this be it? Could I actually learn what I need to step into this cause that weighs so heavy on my heart? “No, you said you were done with your dreams. They were too big. They would corrupt you, and it’s just not meant to be.” I can’t say how many times that crossed my mind.

No matter how hard I tried to shut the box that my dreams were in over the course of Global U, the lid didn’t quite close. While coding, developing a number of passion projects, and participating in ministry, I worked on this dream in the background. It was too scary to talk about. I wasn’t quite convinced I should work on it myself, so why should I tell anyone? So, I didn’t. I simply worked, just to see how far I could get.

I worked, in the dead of night when most of my friends were asleep, and I kept telling myself “This probably won’t ever turn into anything.” During this time, a few things happened.

I learned how to code.

I started sharpening the tools in my toolbox.

I gained wisdom of entrepreneurial processes.

I became a better storyteller.

I connected with a network that seems as deep as the ocean.

Crazier yet was the prophesy and encouragement I received from my teammates about a dream I never even told them about! It that's not crazy, I don’t know what is.

And then, it happened. In a matter of minutes the dream that lived in my head had life breathed into it. Suddenly, I signed a publishing contracted, launched a website, and started a podcast.

My journey isn’t done. I have no idea where it will take me, and to some extent that doesn’t matter. God used Global U to give me the permission, skills, and connections I needed to pursue something I couldn’t take my mind off for years. I am connected deeper to the heart of God more than ever before in working alongside him for his people. Thank you, Global U. I’m forever grateful that my life has changed.

And, if you want to check out my dream, head over to