Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

Dear Nicaragua,

I want to see your culture thrive. I pray that you guys see yourselves the same way God sees you individually and also as a nation. You are a gift to not only Central America, but the world, and I hope you see that.

I want to see the fullness of what it means to be Nicaraguan come to life beyond living day to day. My team and I won’t stop praying to see an economy so robust that people migrate to your country for job opportunities rather than seeing people looking for ways to leave. That prayers for job opportunities will be answered. That innovation and encouragement flood your schools, your work, and your thoughts. That you create beautiful networks of trade alongside Jesus, realizing he was the one who gave you those gifts in the first place and that he called you to use them.

I pray your people chase dreams beyond what to eat day to day. And that you’re able to comfortably invest in yourselves, your children, and your work. I pray for a place where hope reigns above anything else. Where the men of your country find the responsibility, purpose, and peace of mind they are looking for in providing for their families emotionally and physically. And that hope drives out all alcoholism and drug abuse.

I know that when I find myself in negative cycles - when I have been hurt or stuck - I need someone to believe in me. I’m not sure how much you believe in yourselves, but regardless, I want you to know there’s people on the outside that do. I know my team believes in you. More importantly, God believes in you. He believes in your creativity, ability to work, and the love you have for each other. He’s excited to come on a journey with you as you work toward living in the fullness of who he created you to be.

I don’t know when the day of economic freedom will come, but we can’t stop praying for it, and taking action toward it. I’m trying to be a part of it. Life is tough right now. Things aren’t easy on my side of the world, nor yours. But, I have confidence that God hears our prayers, and that he doesn’t leave his people. I'm dedicated. I might be pulled in a few different directions, but I won't stop fighting with you guys until we see it comes. Until that day, Habakuk 3:17.


PS: Quiero visitar pronto :)