Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

GU Update - April 22

We flew from Nicaragua to Atlanta a month ago and have quarantined as a class at our headquarters in Gainesville. That has meant that the students and staff don't interact with anyone who has not also quarantined.

Thankfully, all 24 students and staff have been healthy. Our campus has three buildings where we shelter-in-place and continue on with our schooling. We have continued to engage with mentors daily through Zoom calls and visits. We have also pivoted our Passion Projects to address needs and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 crisis. You can see our 15 Passion Projects below.

Here is a typical day:

6:30 am  Wakeup

7:00 am  Devotions

8:00 am  Workout

9:15 am  First mentor call: Worldview development with Marty Schoffstall & Seth Barnes

9:45 am Second mentor call

10:15 am Computer programming

1 pm Passion Projects

6 pm Free Time

The students have done so well! They have built projects with their coding skills, have reached out to the local community to address needs, and have enjoyed their own deep community immensely. You can read their blogs about it here:

Ten of our students have elected to enroll in a second year with Global U in 2020. The good news is that we will be able to pay for most of their continuing education with scholarships and their own projects. Our promise is that no one pays for Global U with student debt!

We will continue to disciple our second year students, teach them coding, entrepreneurial skills, and will focus on helping them grow as leaders.
Because so many students are struggling with the new reality of a post-virus world, we are adapting our program to address their needs. We believe that for the highly motivated, self-directed 18-23 year-old, Global U may well be the perfect solution.
We expect to launch two classes next fall, one in September, and another in October. If you're interested, please talk to one of our mentors.

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