Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

Global U update April 28, 2020

Global U students have been working hard on their Passion Projects. The community garden is planted and growing. We've been working to supply masks to medical workers. Our consulting group is helping small businesses. Our honor market sells fruits and vegetables to the local community.

Meanwhile our staff of five continues to mentor and coach the students every day. Each morning, students listen to presentations by mentors and each afternoon they work on their Passion Projects.

Several weeks ago, staff member Allina Robie had to travel to Kansas to take care of her grandparents who had a medical emergency. As we've done all year, the other staff filled the gaps. We are eager to welcome her back next week.
We're thankful for the arrival of warm weather in Georgia. Last Friday the governor lifted the shelter-in-place ban for multiple categories of business. The Global U crew is eager to begin reaching out and making a difference in a world that desperately needs hope.

We're still looking for those who want to join our class of 2020. There's still time - if you're interested, why not talk to one of our staff?