Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

Many of us have a specific image of mission trips in the modern-day. Oftentimes, we exclude the Kingdom driven service that is shown through typical day to day lives of people working in non-Church based jobs and limit our view of a missionary to someone who serves directly on a foreign field. However, there is a rapidly growing generation of young adults who see the problems that permeate the world and are reaching out to respond in unique ways. If you were to transform your perspective of mission trips, how could you harness the love of Christ through entrepreneurship no matter how you are called to serve?

Life can be considered one big mission trip – everyone is given a story and path that is shaped by God. The range of the Gospel can come across in forms that are vividly explicit or in more implicit ways. Both are equally as important and direct people globally to the Creator. Understanding that missions can be in any place and career allows everyone to serve for the glory of God! Business and entrepreneurship are some of the most influential ways to develop God-centered solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

1. Common misconceptions on mission trips

The word “missions” can seem extravagant and unfamiliar to many Christians. A common misconception on mission trips is that you must be called into short or long term volunteer missions either domestically or internationally to adequately be of service to God and his Kingdom. A large sum of mission trips are organized through on-field partner based operations. Many view going on a mission trip as following along on projects that these partner organizations hand down to you to complete. But there is so much more to offer! You can live in the spirit of missions no matter your calling or placement in life by understanding what needs attention and creating projects that fulfill this need.

1 Corinthians 12:5 states “There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.”

God calls many of us into roles that may not look like the traditional mission trips so many of us are used to. This may look like working in a corporate office and an employee offering an image of love to their coworkers or simply offering help to someone who is in need of it! We often forget that Jesus calls us to be missionaries in whatever we do, anywhere we are

2. You are a generation of self-starters

In the current global commerce, there is huge potential to leverage business ethics to bring light and change to real-world problems that affect millions of people. The world needs Christ minded entrepreneurs to develop new and transformative ways of bringing the message to people in suffering.

Many social, economic, and spiritual difficulties lack businesses and organizations that hold the heart of Christ in their motivations. The solution to these problems requires self-starters – people who have a belief that they are created for more and are motivated to take strides toward reshaping humanity’s view of the possibility of what service can look like through business. By creating these start-up companies, it gives anyone the power to bring healing to a vast range of people.

Entrepreneurs are serving in the marketplace for God’s glory through development of aid in the following key areas: Poverty, Education, Human Trafficking, Global Freedom, Malnutrition, and Healthcare. Global crises like these need people who are willing to put forth working toward solutions in new ways to bring light and a message of hope. Businesses designed with sustainable and Biblical ethics can provide jobs and products that have the ability to completely shift an aspect of life for those in need.

3. Technology is an asset to spreading the word of God

Technology is one of the most rapidly growing assets for young founders of startups. It is a powerful tool to harness widespread access to resources and information for all people. There is an enormous number of ways that technology shapes human advancement and innovation directly on the mission field. Young men and women are well versed in the spread of information and are learning to develop life-changing brands that share the message of Christ through technology. They are venturing into the world and searching for ways to serve out of an overflow of Christ’s love within them.

Entrepreneurship has mobilized a new generation of missionaries. God created us from nothing to bring life to the world – just as we are called to use the skill sets we are given to be creative and bring life to His message. God sees all of us as whole beings who can provide light in every aspect of our lives, especially in such large ways like business! As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have the ability to give value to others lives through projects that better humanity. Projects that ignite passion in your soul can be turned into Kingdom driven businesses with wide reach and impact for people globally. Once the ideas are fundamentally envisioned, they are launched into the world to begin impacting communities and individuals.

4. There is opportunity to create your own idea of service!

Mission trips and ministry based service don’t have to look a certain way. No matter what vision or ideas you have, there is opportunity to transform any part of your personal and professional life into Kingdom driven ministry. Mission trips aren’t limited to hand and foot service on remote grounds. Any opportunity around you can be harnessed to do the will of God and love others well, no matter the location or project you are working on. We are fulfilling the work of God by doing anything we are called into with love and glory to Him. Whether you are working in a technologically enhanced environment or building homes in the slums of the most unreached corners of the world, you can serve God in ways you may not have even imagined.

More and more people are beginning to witness a shift in perspective of traditional mission trips and transforming those concepts into lifelong service using the tools directly found in all professions of work. Mission trips are not just programs made for people who want to complete volunteer projects. They are an example of work that exemplifies Christ and His Kingdom in all areas. Mission trips aren’t a calling - it’s a way of life that can be brought into anything.

Budding entrepreneurs are leading this change by understanding and creating new ways to bring the ministry of Christ, the Word of God, and His actions of love and aligning them with service in transformative ways. These aspects can be used in so much more than the limitation of going on a mission trip, but they can be utilized through the development of projects and businesses to bring the gospel to all ends of the Earth!

– Blog written by Catherine Gibson