Christian Gap Year for Entrepreneurs

“You see him?” She pointed to the other side of the intersection in down town Fuengirola, Spain. The man had a cane for each hand and gripped onto them for dear life. “He needs healing, should we pray for him?” Esther’s words carried confidence as her Nigerian-Spanish accent poked through.

I wish I could I say my spirit leaped at the opportunity, but it didn’t. Our team already spoke with a number of people this evening. All were beautiful encounters. The idea of chasing this man down in the middle of his night hatched butterflies in my stomach. And what would he say? We were probably a bother to him or just someone to be shrugged off. My heart’s desire to run the other direction fought the call of duty in my head.

“Yeah.” I failed at hiding the hesitancy in my voice. “We can do that.” Conviction won.

So we took off across the side walk until the four of us finally caught up to the man as he hobbled along. He braced himself against the two walking canes as we introduced ourselves. He answered Esther’s questions with the bare-minimum. He wasn't bothered, just reserved and depressed. And the man, whose name is Abdul, had good reason to be upset. 6 months prior, he was in a terrible car accident leaving his legs severely damaged. Ever since that day he could barely walk.

Out team asked if we could pray for him and his face was filled with contemplation. After a shrug he shook his head yes. I was surprised he agreed, but, perhaps he had nothing else to lose.

So the four of us huddled together on the side walk.  The stop lights across the way kept flashing, the restaurant next door shuffled customers in and out, and kids were eating ice cream. Life continued around us as we prayed for healing. We prayed in thanksgiving. We prayed that God show his power to this man in a real way.

Finally, our whispers ended. “How do you feel?” Esther asked him with loving eyes. The man’s expression hadn’t changed. He stared down the street, not even making eye contact, completely unexpectant. He put his canes in front of him and stepped forward.

Confusion crept over his face as he stopped. “Do you feel any pain?” Esther asked nearly grabbing the canes out of his hands. “Trust me, Jesus healed you. You don’t need them.” She reassured him. And then he stood there, shaking each of his legs out.

“I don’t feel it,” was translated from Spanish as he searched for the pain that had left his legs. Hesitant to give up his canes, he took a few steps with them moving much more swiftly than when we originally saw him. Excitement exploded in my heart. Personally, I've witnessed quite a few healings. However, the I always thought healing of the "lame" would be crazy to witness because of how explicitly you can see God move. Abdul stopped again, running his hands over his knees. "Where did the pain go?" He asked, skeptical of the last five minutes. Indeed the man was healed before our eyes.

Abdul didn’t give any signs of knowing Jesus. Usually when we pray with people on the street in Spain, they will explain their Catholic roots, or give up some explanation of faith before even being asked. But when we asked him about Jesus, he just looked confused. I haded him a Spanish Bible and let the man go on his way.

I turned my head back as we headed toward our bus stop.  Abdul carried both canes in one hand— not even using them! I'm here to tell you that I know three things about that night. Abdul couldn't walk. We asked Jesus for healing. Abdul was completely healed. Those are the facts.

It's important to share these stories to remind ourselves of how real and merciful God is. Every time I tell this story, my heart floods with warm waves of fresh love from our Father, and I hope this story does the same for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and pray for healing in the name of the father and watch mental, physical, and spiritual restoration fall upon our world.